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Susan Conway is a British artist whose work involves a liaison between textiles and fine art.

Travelling widely and having lived in Borneo, the United States, India and Thailand, she has been open to a wide range of technical, stylistic and cultural influences which have encouraged her to adopt a particularly rich and experimental approach to her art. Her interests range from Lanna Buddhist murals and Thai weavings to stained abstract American paintings of the Fifties and Sixties, especially those of Helen Frankenthaler.  Her predominant theme is landscape, which acts as a compositional structure for her colour, creating the luminosity of stained glass. Landscape also expresses her sense of environment, the changing times of day and seasons, and the inherent cultures and life cycles which are inextricably bound up with them. Her work is featured in collections in London, New York and Sydney and at Imperial College London and Wolfson College, Oxford. Click an image to expand with detail.
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Rice Field at Noon, Thailand. Shipwreck from 'The Life of the Buddha'. Rice Field at Sunset, Thailand. Rice Field by Moonlight, Thailand. Rice Field, Mid Morning, Thailand. Ladies Going to the Temple, N.E. Thailand. Detail, Rice Field at Dawn. Detail, Rice Field at Dawn. Thai Buddhist Landscape. Thai Temple, Sukothai. Burning the Rice Stubble. Chiang Mai temples (private collection) Dancers, silk on canvas exhibited during British Fashion week